The crossover Trio, feats Theodosii Spassov

Piano, Oud, Kanun & Kaval
The crossover Trio, feats Theodosii Spassov
A unique musical journey

The award-winning composer, musician and UNESCO’s “Artist for Peace” Theodosii Spassov is considered a living legend of Balkan music and one of the world’s leading soloists at the world-music stages. He has developed his own unique style, blending traditional music with Jazz, Rock, Fusion, even classical music and has participated in countless sold out concerts around the world. His instrument is the Kaval, a wooden flute with eight holes, one of the oldest traditional instruments in the Balkans and Europe, rich in sound and technical possibilities. In this project he performs with the three soloists of the music project “The Crossover Trio”.

Alkis Zopoglou, one of the most important kanun soloists in Greece, has created his own unique style of playing, while at the same time he composes his music in an experiential way, having strong influences from his place of origin, Northern Greece.

Marina Liodou Mohamed is engaged with the oud both through the educational process and also experientially, having lived and played in Istanbul, in the cafe aman and the meyhane.

Their music, deeply melodic, rhythmic, almost Dionysian and sometimes lyrical and cinematic, comes together with the inventive piano soloist Yannis Kyrimkyridis. A musician who is distinguished for the ingenious way he works with melodies engaging with tradition.

The three together, seek a different perspective in their musical approach, utilizing their common components but also their different backgrounds. They give space to their musical creation and personal sound, inspired by and referring to the rich musical traditions of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans. Old forms intertwine with contemporary structures, suggesting ways of inspiration with references to the “old” and the “traditional” of today.

Playing music on stage with Theodosii Spassov, they interact with each other crossing different musical worlds and creating a repertoire of melodies that switch between traditional and modern music, taking the audience on a wonderful musical journey.

Theodosii Spassov: Kaval
Alkis Zopoglou: Kanun
Marina Liontou Mohamend: Oud
Yannis Keerim: Piano


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“Theodosii Spassov” and “The Crossover Trio” is available all year with a music program that can be customized to meet the requirements of any festival or venue.