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Two unique musical genres, Rebetiko* and Fado**, inscribed on UNESCO’s list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, are presented on stage by outstanding artists from Greece and Portugal, in a special musical collaboration.

Both genres are music made by people who suffered, with very strong references to their daily difficulties of survival. Music dedicated to love and human existence. Some of the most characteristic musical nstruments that have marked the musical tradition of their respective countries, such as the Greek bouzouki, the Portuguese guitar and the canun, combined with the voices of the performers, are presented in a very special way, taking the audience from one end of the Mediterranean to the other.

The main objective of the project “Rebetiko meets Fado” is to create a unique musical program consisting of elements from these two important musical genres and to present to the people of today, this authentic cultural heritage, contributing to their wider dissemination.

* Rebetiko (Greece). Inscribed on the Intangible Cultural Heritage. List of Unesco, in 2017.

** Fado, urban folk song (Portugal). Inscribed on the Intangible Cultural Heritage. List of Unesco in 2011.

  • Makis Baklatzis: Violin, Vocals (GR – Rodopi Ensemble)
  • Drosos Koutsokostas: Vocals, Lute (GR – Rodopi Ensemble)
  • Alkis Zopoglou: Kanun (GR – Rodopi Ensemble)
  • Marina Liontou Mohamed: Lute, Guitar (GR – Rodopi Ensemble)
  • Petros Papadopoulos: Bouzouki (GR – Rodopi Ensemble)
  • Maura Airez: Vocals (PT – A ‘Porta do Cante Ensemble)
  • Dos Reis: Vocals (PT – A ‘Porta do Cante Ensemble)
  • Bruno Chaveiro: Portuguese guitar (PT – A ‘Porta do Cante Ensemble)
  • Bernardo “Buba” Espinho: Vocals, guitar (PT – A ‘Porta do Cante Ensemble)


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+30 6947 189109 Kavala Greece (Alkis)

RmF Project is available all year with a music program that can be customized to meet the requirements of any festival or venue.

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