Puchero, a flamenco guitarist born in Barcelona has earned the recognition of great international flamenco artists. He has accumulated many merits during his artistic career on international and national tours throughout France, Croatia, Germany, Russia, Saudi Arabia, China, Italy, Switzerland and the African continent.

Over the years the artist has performed his music both in his own shows and in other shows with major dance companies. He has shared the stage and played at festivals with many well-known artists from the music scene: Rosario Flores, La Argentina, Rosario Montoya “La Farruca”, José Mercè, Antonio Canales, Parrita, Pitingo and Juan Cortes “Duquende”. One of his biggest challenges was the recording of his first solo album entitled: Bordón Flamenco, which was a dream of his for many years. In this first record he wanted to have flamenco greats like the authentic cantaor Israel Fernández, one of the best cantaores in the world at this moment and La Fabi, a singer with an unmistakable metal and purity whose verses grip the soul, among many other very important companions in the the guitarist has befriended throughout his life. He worked hand in hand on the recording, mixing and production of the album with Ángel Dorao (mixing and production) and Gustavo Gomez (mastering) from Last Monkey Studio (Madrid).

He is signed a deal with Kzoo Music, one of the best record companies in Spain. Bordón Flamenco came saw the light in 2021. In it he wanted to reflect his experiences in the professional and private world and pay tribute to his loved ones.


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Puchero is available all year with a music program that can be customized to meet the requirements of any festival or venue.

Bordón Flamenco