Hamid Ajbar was born in Chefchaouen, Morocco. From an early age he showed his passion and talent for singing, which began with the Sufi Zawiyyas in his hometown. He then began studying Andalusian violin (lap style) and singing at the Tetuan Conservatory and later finished his studies at the Rabat Conservatory, where he obtained the highest qualifications in Andalusian and Arabic singing, violin, history of Andalusian music and the repertoire as well as the Arabic and Andalusian maqams. He has won the National Prize for Andalusian Singing several times.

After completing his studies in Rabat, Hamid Ajbar became a taught music (professional level) at the Chaouen Conservatory. He was also chosen to be part of the National Orchestra of Andalusian Music conducted by Mohamed Briouel. During this period he collaborated with the Orchestra Brihi, founded by the great Abdelkrim Raïs, with Mohamed Bajadoub, Aïcha Redouane, Abdelfattah Bennis and others. In 1996 he moved to Granada where he soon began playing with several artists from the flamenco, Arabic and early music scene. These include Paco de Lucía, José Mercé, Carmen Linares, El Lebrijano, Emilio Maya, Eduardo Paniagua and Omar Faruk Tekbilek.

He leads two formations: Hamid Ajbar Flamenco Fusion and Jinnan Al Andalus, a sacred music ensemble inspired by the mystics of Al Andalus and the Middle East.


Hamid Ajbar: Arab vocals, violin
Aziz Samsaoui: Qanun
Fathi Ben Yakoub: Violin
Fauzia Benedetti: Flute, frame drum
Mouhssine Koraich: Oud
Khalid Ahaboune: Percussion

Alberto Funes: Flamenco vocals
(onlyrFlamenco Fusion)
Puchero: Guitar (only Flamenco Fusion)
Eva Manzano: Flamenco Dance (optional)


medigrεcian productions 
+41 77 502 90 58 Zürich Switzerland (Fauzia)

+30 6947 189109 Kavala Greece (Alkis)

Hamid Ajbar is available all year with a music program that can be customized to meet the requirements of any festival or venue.