“Hagadá” is a Hebrew term denoting a set of narratives from Hebrew oral tradition, including tales, legends, parables, and other narratives, (either a fable, proverb or proverb), which may relate to history and/or astronomy.

Hagadá is made up of the following musicians: Mario Loi, (multi-instrumentalist and composer from the island of Sardinia and based in Huelva), the great voice of Bela Hinojosa from Granada, Juan de Sisa, also from Granada, both with experience in medieval and Mediterranean music, and the percussionist Juana Larreta, a native of Argentina and based in Granada, specialized in oriental and Mediterranean music. Hagadá’s strength lies in its strong identity within the Sephardic genre, in which typical instruments from the Mediterranean and Middle East coexist with other contemporary, in a delicate fusion of tradition and modernity. The traditional letters of different origins (Spanish, Turkish, Greek, etc.) have been preserved.

Bela Hinojosa: Vocals
Mario Loi: Bouzouki, guitar, other
Juan de Sisa: Violin
Juana Larreta: Darbouka, frame drum, Riq


medigrεcian productions 
+41 77 502 90 58 Zürich Switzerland (Fauzia)

+30 6947 189109 Kavala Greece (Alkis)

Hagadá is available all year with a music program that can be customized to meet the requirements of any festival or venue.