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Following the thread that connects the past to the present and the future, Argalios revives some old folk stories through their own contemporary prism

“Argalios” is a music project that started in 2021 and is led by Alexandros Iossifidis (piano, orchestration), Zoe Mantzou (voice) and Olga Alexiou (percussion). They are a highly versatile group who collaborate with various soloists, basing their recitals on improvisation that is inspired by folk music and poetry. Some of these soloists include Giannis Poulios (violin), Nikos Aggousis (clarinet, kaval), Stefanos Sekeroglou (violin), Alexandros Rizopoulos (davul), Dimitris Chiotis (cretan lyre), Maria Kyrvei (cello). Believing in the power of improvisation as an expression of interaction, as an initiator of unity, the members of “Argalios” love creating a variable and flowing situation, chaotic yet coherent, free yet integrated into a whole. Argalios’ sound is as contemporary as it is primordial, as sophisticated as it is folkloric, a soft and malleable sound that travels into the depths of history. Argalios creates a celebration in the original sense of the word: a gathering, an emotional experience that encourages communication and healing.

“The very nature of folk music invites us to improvise, to feel the listener and their pulse and to create something for ourselves in the here and now, the value of which is the experience, not the recording. Improvisation as a structural element of folk music creates a vast environment which communes with folk and literary music from all over the world, a quintessentially contemporary environment. We do not know whether the music we make is new or old, but whichever the case, it’s our music.”

“We choose the songs we perform because they relate to the present as much as they do to the past and the future, they speak about what is timeless, and particularly from the perspective of the common people. Folk songs constitute an unwritten verbal chronicle and what is saved is not historic events, but moments: magical moments that made time vanish; a place, a death, a home, a love affair gone wrong, a farewell. Small incidents make up a fascinating narrative of human nature”

In 2022, they were distinguished in the “Bridges – Open Platforms” competition, organized by the Athens Concert Hall in collaboration with EDEM, with the aim of highlighting new music groups from all over Greece. During the summer of 2023, they performed a concert at the Megaron Garden. Additionally, in 2023, they participated in the World Music Showcase of the “A to Jazz Festival” in Sofia, where they were selected among numerous entries from all over Europe.

So far, they have released three EPs (“Antilalies” – 2020, “Stigmes (live)” – 2021, “Live at Megaron” – 2023) and a single (“Fiata Nika” – 2022). Their next EP will be released in Autumn 2023 and is a live studio session featuring various guest artists.


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“Argalios” is available all year with a music program that can be customized to meet the requirements of any festival or venue.