Alkis Zopoglou is a musician himself (kanun player) with an international career and the founder of “medigrecian productions” a creative & independent artist booking agency specialized in Mediterranean music with strong elements from the Greek traditional music.

He actively begins his pursuit of music from a very early age. Very soon, he meets the kanun and studies the styles of performance of various important kanun players in Istanbul. He is also a licensee in Byzantine music, and has been employed as a professor at the Music School in Drama – Greece, teaching kanun.

Till today, he has developed an intense artistic activity. He takes part in several cultural events and in discography, with a significant number of prominent composers and music bands of Greece. He is also co-operating with many foreign musicians and has travelled for concerts in many foreign countries. He has represented Greece as a musician and has taught Kanun in international Kanun meetings in several countries.

He is a founding member of the musical ensemble “Kontrabando”. He is also artistic director of mediterranean music festival in Zurich-Switzerland ( and Cosmopolis festival in his hometown Kavala-Greece (


medigrεcian productions 
+41 79 557 27 16 Zürich Switzerland
+30 6947 189109 Kavala Greece